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We can offer short-term marketing services for events. No more signing of long-term contracts for temporarily needed services. No more disrupting current staff and workflow. No more asking Jeff in accounting to learn about Facebook ad campaigns instead of crunching those numbers.

We work to make your event not be boring and make it stand out. Specializing in getting your word out and making you look good, we use the latest trends and technologies to reach your target audience - connecting with them through social media, strategic advertising, printed materials, and a bunch of other neat things that you can see HERE.

We don't want to just make things good for you, we want to make it better for your attendees. We strive to enhance the experience of getting to the event; from learning information and purchasing a ticket to remembering when to show up. The better their experience, the more likely they are to share and recommend it to their peers.

Budgeting shouldn't be difficult, so we do everything at a flat-rate.

None of that hourly billing with a question mark at the end. You know what you need and you know how much money you have to do it.

You shouldn't have to sign a

long-term contract.

Use us for one event, and use us for your next one if you think we did a great job. Simple.

Concentrate on what you need to.

You have so much to do already, you don't also need to be learning how to work Photoshop and run Facebook ads effectively. Let us deal with that so you can concentrate on the other details!

Let's make the

fire marshal cringe

Don't see your event type here? Contact us, we probably still do it.

Things should be easy for you, too

Event Marketing