3 Reasons to Market Your Wedding

May 19, 2017


Marketing for a wedding sounds absolutely ridiculous, right? You may be surprised to learn that there is a lot of marketing that goes into a wedding and making that one day as special and amazing as possible. The right marketing can make your wedding stand out from the crowd and get your guests (almost) as excited as you are about it. Here are three simple reasons to consider marketing your wedding:


Have Everything Look (almost) as Amazing as the Bride

Have you ever gotten that save the date that looked like it was created in Word and you thought twice about actually saving the date? This is a big, big life event for you and it should be done right. The look of your save the dates, invites, signs, social media branding, etc. is so very important and not something to take lightly. This is your guests’ first, second, and continued impression on what they should look forward to at your wedding.


Connect With Your Guests

Create some buzz before your wedding by using social media to keep your guests updated and looking forward to seeing you get hitched. The more connected your friends and family feel to the occasion, the greater your chances of someone getting you that $300 robotic vacuum that works 24/7 and even plugs itself in to charge!


Create and Keep Memories

With some simple tactics, memories can be organized and easily shared. How can we even put the words “Wedding” and “Simple” into the same sentence?! It’s simple really…social media. If done correctly, social media can make collecting guest photos and videos easy. The digital age is amazing, just don’t try to explain Snapchat filters to your grandma.


Here is a list of wedding services Be There Marketing offers:

• Custom Website

• Custom URL

• Clever Hashtags

• Calligraphy

• Save the Dates

• Invites

• Facebook Event Page

• Update videos from bride and groom to get guests excited

• Signs, Menus, Monogram, or other event graphics

• Facebook live from the event

• Snapchat Filter(s)


As someone that is going through planning his own wedding, I know how time consuming and difficult it is to get everything done. It is also annoying to contact what seems like hundreds of vendors to coordinate and get things done. We can do it all for you in a package deal and you don’t have to go here, there, everywhere for all the bits and pieces.


If any of this interests you (and we know it does), you should get in touch with us so we can help you out!

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