We are OKCool

May 24, 2017

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow entrepreneur this morning. Our discussion was about events in Oklahoma City and why there seem to be more and more of them lately. So many that we know about and probably so many that we don’t!


As we discussed the topic, I pointed out the fact that Oklahoma City is young in terms of social opportunities. We are having a social renaissance with all of our districts (Midtown, Downtown, Bricktown, Wheeler District, Uptown, Plaza District, Paseo District, etc.), new restaurants, dog parks, dog friendly establishments, art, food trucks, movie nights, marathons...there is so much that OKC is offering that it didn’t offer just not too long ago.


This growth and energy is great for our city and quite an accomplishment. Heck, most people that don’t live here think we still ride horses and covered wagons to get from place to place. Little do they know that we are booming with coolness.



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